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Before we talk about modelling for Juice, let's give you a quick insight into what we do. We shoot images of people (mostly models) in lifestyle situations; from a businessman in his office, to a climber perched on top of a mountain and everything in between. We give the images to photo libraries, worldwide, to be made available to publishers, advertisers and designers for their projects, from magazine articles to 48-sheet advertising posters. Pretty straightforward.

Now, the cool bit. We're always looking for characterful, real people with outgoing personalities to feature in our stunning photography. By working with 'real' people we keep our pictures looking fresh and original. Maybe we've approached you in the street or perhaps someone recommended us to you; however you heard about us, if you'd like to be involved with our shoots, have fun and get paid for it, read on..

First, you don't need to be a pro' or a catwalk beauty to work with us. If you have a personality and, pretty much, a smile you can be a Juice model. We work with many people who have become part-time models in their spare time while they have working roles in quite different areas - teachers, business people, kids, students, farmers, tradesfolk, full-time mothers and even an A & R man for a record company! Juice shoots are about authentic people and situations. You might fit as a doctor or nurse, a baker, a business person, a chef, a driving instructor or a charter jet pilot; you might be part of a family on a spring walk or around a Christmas tree, a group of friends in a restaurant or a couple on a sunny beach. The list is endless.
The way to approach us in the first instance is to email no more than 5 jpgs (under 200kb each) to If we can work with you we'll get in touch to establish a time when you can drop in to see us for 15 minutes. Then we can take a few more pictures to see how you react in front of the camera and discuss fees. We'll hold the pictures on file for reference and get in touch when we have a shoot for which we need you. When this happens we'll call or email in advance, let you know the details, timings and fees and you can tell us if you're available or not. It's really that easy.

WE PAY YOU - NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND! Fees are calculated according to whether you're a child or an adult, whether the job is a full or half day (usually 8 and 4 hours respectively) and taking into account any experience you may have had. We pay all traveling expenses and, if it's a full day shoot, supply lunch. We pay your fee by cheque on the day and you will need to sign a standard model release form allowing us to use the images featuring you. We'll also make available images to you at no charge - typically you can choose your favourite 5 from each shoot and we'll send digital files.

Remember, we're not looking for any kind of supermodels; just real people with real personalities, all ages, all ethnicities - like the faces above. So drop us an email -and tell your friends, too. You might find yourself so good at it you turn pro'! You wouldn't be the first..

High Priority
We're particularly short on non-caucasian ethnicities right now; if that's you please get in touch double-quick! The same goes for couples of all ages and family groups. it's easy to put singles together to make a family, but the expressions are always better in real groups..

We're not just looking for faces, of course. We have an insatiable need for great locations - and props, too. Whether it be a school, hospital, office, gym, bakery, garage, garden, boat, classic car or even a characterful shed we could be interested.

Typically, we will shoot in a location and give you all the images made, free, in return for access and your signing a property release which gives us permission to use the images commercially. In exceptional circumstances we may be able to pay you a fee, too. This is a unique way to obtain high-end, advertising images which you can use for your own promotion, FREE!

Again, if you have a location or major prop' in which you think we might be interested, please email low res' jpgs to Then we'll get back to you with a view to coming along to take a few reference images before devising a shoot around it.

Over to you!
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